Do your CEU's have you stressed?

Free Live Zoom Training: HIV/Ethics in April

Don't freak out, just log on and get those CEU's. Recovery Rebel is trying to help lower your stress in the COVID era.  NCSAPPB approval code 20-333-S. Up to 6 hours SS (HIV-3) (ETHICS-3) HIV on Monday 4/27 Ethics on Tuesday 4/28. Delivered in partnership with APNC.

Training Help for clinicians

STREAMING CEU'S BEGINS IN APRIL 2020!! See April's schedule and registration link below. Recovery Rebel offers 9 different full day NCSAPPB approved trainings. Streaming sessions will be offered Mondays and Fridays in April. Contact Eric to arrange the next training for your group or agency 704-526-8242

the core trainings offered by recovery rebel


1. Motivational Interviewing

Build better communication skills. Get better outcomes. A foundation for any health professional wanting to collaborate with others to create a successful change process.                   NCSAPPB approved for up to 6 hours               19-559-S  


2. Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Seeking Safety

Trauma plays a major role in why people get stuck and use problematic coping strategies. Understand trauma, PTSD, and the treatment of substance use disorders better with Seeking Safety. NCSAPPB approved for up to 6 hours    19-558-S


3. Treating SUD's during the modern opioid epidemic

Utilizing medications combined with Cognitive 

Behavioral Therapy has become the "gold standard" for treating opioid use disorders. What does that mean for you and your current role as a helper within the treatment system or recovery community? Examine the scope of the current problem and its historical context. Explore the solution from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective that includes the possible application of pharmaceutical interventions combined with therapy, and the role that 12 step plays. 

NCSAPPB approved for up to 6 hours 19-581-S  


4. Mindfulness and Recovery

Learn more about the benefits of mindfulness and the ways it applies to the recovery process.  

NCSAPPB approved 20-211-S

Up to 6 hours SS (PSY)


5. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy- DBT Help for Complex Cases

For complex cases involving multiple diagnoses that are difficult to treat and understand. Learn foundational principles of contemporary behavioral therapy to target and work with the processes that occur across many diagnoses.  NCSAPPB approved for up to 6 hours SS (EBT) (PSY)  20-282-S    


6. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT

Blends mindfulness and CBT to help people explore their values and commit to action. 

 NCSAPPB approved for up to 6 hours SS (EBT) 20-235-S


7. Twelve Step Facilitation

Learn more about what it really means to use this evidence based practice to maximize opportunities for long term recovery, connection, and deeper life satisfaction. NCSAPPB approved for up to 6 hours        20-295-S


8. Illness Management and Recovery (IMR)

Learn more about understanding and treating Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Psychotic Disorders that occur either with or without substance use.  

NCSAPPB approval code 20-059-S

Up to 6 hours SS (EBT) (PSY)


9. HIV and Ethics

A 2020 update on global, national and local trends in HIV diagnosis and treatment. Understanding the impact of Social Determinants of Health on providing effective behavioral health services. Ethical dilemmas and ethical decision-making processes. Layers of professional identity and the conflicts that may arise. A personal exploration of “do no harm” in my current work roles. Exploring ways to identify if treatment is working effectively or not to benefit client welfare.  NCSAPPB approval code 20-333-S
Up to 6 hours SS (HIV-3) (ETHICS-3)


Clinical Training in Evidence Based Practices-NCSAPPB

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Partial 2020 Training Calendar (Streaming):

All of the following trainings are being offered at a 50% price reduction to help learners faced with cancelled CEU events due to COVID-19 

Fridays in April 2020

6 hours of CEU's 9 am- 4:30

April 3: Twelve Step Facilitation (6 hour)

April 10: Seeking Safety

April 17: DBT Help for Complex Cases

Mondays in April 2020

3 hours of CEU's 9 am- 12:15pm

April 6, 13

Mindfulness in Recovery: Learn skills for your personal and professional life!!


3 Hour Mindfulness Class- 3 CEU Hours

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sample Evidence Based Practice explored: Seeking Safety

Seeking Safety is a manualized Evidence Based Practice for PTSD and/or Substance Use Disorders. 6 Hour NAADAC approved clinical training for addiction and mental health treatment professionals. 

Some may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

The Revolution is Real, and Long Overdue

It is the goal of Recovery Rebel Revolution to decrease stigma about addiction and treatment, improve the quality of care, and deliver high quality education to treatment professionals to reshape the health care system one willing individual at at time.  People can and do recover, miracles can and do happen, recovery treatment services can and will be made better, more effective, and more user friendly for those seeking help. 


Has the lightbulb kicked on yet?

If you are looking for something different in your recovery- or in your professional journey as a treatment provider of addiction counseling services in the Charlotte area, let's talk today about working together. Call 704-526-8242 or email for more info about clinical training opportunities.


Get a new perspective

How many things are happening every second that you never even notice? You are missing a lot, we all are. Then of the small fraction we perceive, we begin to interpret in ways that often cause us big trouble. Recovery Rebel Revolution wants to show you new ways of perceiving, interpreting, knowing, believing and living. Are you willing to try something new? If you have willingness and an open mind..........

Recovery Rebel Revolution