More than a recovering rebel: My Credentials


A Clinician In Recovery...

 Sober over 10 years, works a program, Master's Degree in Counseling- UNC Charlotte, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, Licensed Professional Counselor, ongoing training with North Carolina Evidence Based Practices Center and Duke Contemporary Cognitive Behavioral Therapies Clinician's Community.


A Teacher...

Master's Degree in Education- West Virginia University, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher- University of California San Diego 


Clinician Trainer...

Teaches and coaches other clinicians in learning and implementing Evidence Based Practices, like: Seeking Safety, Twelve Step Facilitation, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Illness Management and Recovery for Co-Occurring Disorders 

Understanding addiction, recovery, and counseling

Meet Eric, get his background journey, and hear perspective on addiction, treatment and recovery

Eric's journey to find treatment

What Eric learned along the way about addiction recovery treatment services

Eric Ottinger specializes in addiction recovery treatment, education & support: for the recovery community, the treatment community and others


Counselor and Therapist

Meditator & Meditation Teacher

Counselor and Therapist

Eric is licensed in North Carolina as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) license # 8950 and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) license # 2057. Eric specializes in behavior change, emotion management, and creating a new relationship with difficult thoughts by using Contemporary Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. He has been trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) via the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness and completed the MBSR Teacher Training Intensive  and MBSR Teacher Qualification through the University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness. Eric trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) with MBCT founder Zinden Segal, and trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with ACT founders Steve Hayes and Kelly Wilson. Eric was in the first group to complete the Advanced "Blended Learning Curriculum" for Cognitive Behavioral Therapies through Duke University and the North Carolina Evidence Based Practices Center. Eric is an ongoing member of the Duke Clinicians Community for Graduates of the Duke CBT Blended Learning Program. 


Educator and Learner

Meditator & Meditation Teacher

Counselor and Therapist

Eric has a Master's Degree in Education from West Virginia University and a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling from UNC Charlotte. He also has a graduate Certificate in Addictions Counseling from UNC Charlotte. Eric began his career by teaching grades 7-12 in the public school systems. Eric also had significant teaching responsibilities as a leader in the US Army while deployed overseas in Europe and the Middle East. Eric's passion is to combine his training as a teacher and therapist to assist others to learn new skills to manage stress, manage emotions, recognize thinking and behavior patterns, have better relationships and to transform into more of the person they want to be. Eric also currently works to provide training and supervision to other health care professionals who are learning and implementing evidence based therapy practices for adults. Eric currently specializes in teaching contemporary Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, group therapy process, and delivering quality based care to practicing counselors working with high risk populations in community mental health and addiction treatment centers.  See the Revolution: Training tab for more details on the classes Eric Teaches for CEU's, including: ACT, DBT, MI, Seeking Safety, Twelve Step Facilitation, and Illness Management & Recovery.


Meditator & Meditation Teacher

Meditator & Meditation Teacher

Meditator & Meditation Teacher

Eric began meditating on a regular basis while working on his second Master's Degree to manage stress and to be more grounded in his personal and professional life. He quickly was drawn toward mindfulness as a source of wisdom and personal growth. Eric has now been meditating regularly for the last 10 years, seeking out professional training to help him advance his own practice and better understanding the thousands of years worth of wisdom and insight represented by meditation traditions. Eric has attended single-day, five-day and seven-day silent meditation retreats. Eric has completed the 5 day "Coming To Our Senses" retreat with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction founder Jon Kabat Zinn, and will be joining Jon again in May 2019 for another retreat. Eric has been helping others to learn and practice mindfulness meditation at treatment centers, weekend retreats and in community meditation groups for the last 9 years.  Eric is a mindfulness meditation teacher and has ongoing practice blending meditation with therapy and other recovery practices.  Eric has been teaching people in long-term and brand new recovery how to meditate for the last 9 years as a way to balance the mind and find insight.